Securing your planning requirements

Our team of planning experts

With over 60 years collective experience, our team of land promoters bring added value and skill to a complicated and costly process. From identifying and acquiring, through to developing, our expertise of the planning system ensures success across all types of land including both Greenfield (fields, farmland, equestrian, goal clubs, leisure and large gardens) and Brownfield (previously developed land, existing buildings, offices and industrial areas).

Our focus guarantees planning

Sustainable, community based projects

The beating heart of all Landrose Group projects is our focus on providing ethical, sustainable developments with the greater good of the community in mind. So far, our projects in Bristol achieve this goal, and our continued plan is to uphold our city’s fantastic reputation not only through targeted affordable housing developments, but also through their design. We commission local artists to design large colourful murals covering our developments when possible, in fitting with the fantastic mural art you can find in areas such as Bedminster, Gloucester Road and Stokes Croft.

This attitude of environmental responsibility and sustainability from the development will also be reflected through the ecological measures we will take to ensure that the local wildlife can continue to thrive. We will install hedgehog holes in fences and barriers on developments when appropriate, with bat boxes on our roofs as well as wildflower rooftop cladding where possible. Likewise, we aim to install solar panels interspersed throughout the rooftop areas of our projects in order to provide sustainable hot water for our units.


Our co-living developments focus on providing spacious, bright, independent co-living pods containing their own bathroom and living area, with a larger shared kitchen and living spaces.

We understand that whilst independent living is vitally important, so is community, and not every person is in a position to have three or four friends they can organise a shared accommodation with. Our aim is to supply the equilibrium between an individualistic and shared environment.