Our experienced team welcome a chance to discuss your lands potential to be a part of the future growth in the West of England. If you are a land owner in any of the regions listed below, get in touch.


The largest city in the south west of England, Bristol’s property market has been one of the fastest growing UK markets in 2017, which is why we are focusing on land acquisition and developments within this region. With superb national transport links, the development of the new HS2 rail through Bristol Parkway, and the growing numbers of students choosing to settle after their studies, housing is essential for a city on a path towards great economic growth and an increasing population.

South Gloucestershire

Bordering Bristol to the north, South Gloucestershire is a beautiful county with plenty to offer. Key employers such as Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Royal Mail and the Ministry of Defence provide ample opportunities for employment and economic development in the area. South Gloucestershire has set a Local Plan to inspire growth in housing, enabling further success in the south west region of the UK.

North Somerset

North Somerset, south of Bristol, is another region that is experiencing exponential growth within the south west of the UK. With house prices rising on average by £20k in 2017, North Somerset land and property is proving to be a lucrative asset. We recognise this potential for increased value and welcome discussions about your land or property.

South Somerset

South Somerset, an idyllic area located within the heart of the South West, is home to some of the biggest manufacturing companies in the UK. With beautiful rolling hills, areas of outstanding natural beauty and a large employers in the region, we believe this area has huge potential for land promotion and affordable housing. We welcome you to get in contact should you have land in this region of the UK.

Bath & North East Somerset

Bath and North East Somerset is a region of the UK known for its heritage and culture and is a highly sought after area for both land acquisition and housing. Parts of the county face a 21% increase in house prices, making this region a robust market for land promotion and development.

South East

Growth in the South East is at an unprecedented level to fulfil the requirements for housing. Great connections into London, beautiful surroundings, high employment rates and great schools make the South East a prime location for new housing and our knowledgeable team can take you through your land’s potential.